*Town Halls are Q and A style between the panelist and the delegates. These conversations have a topic and general description but each town hall is meant to have an organic conversation, allowing the discussion to flow naturally.* 


Student Health and Wellness (Mental Health)

Description: ​This Town Hall will discuss mental health (on a personal and broad-spectrum) and resources that student governments can provide to students to help.

Student Health and Wellness (Sexual Violence​)

Description: ​This Town Hall will discuss sexual violence (personally, on campus, in the community, and in the world). The discussion will be shaped around what sexual violence is, how campuses can respond, and the various elements involved in the topic.

Organizational Longevity

Description:​ This Town Hall will discuss Student Sustainability in an ever-changing world. It will be a conversation about how to sustain initiatives both on campus and in young leaders’ lives. The world is fast-paced and the more adaptable and prepared to one can be the longer success can be sustained. 


Diversity and Inclusion

Description:​ This Town Hall will discuss how to handle and maintain an inclusive environment within each delegate’s student government and campus. Discussing how to handle various groups and situations to ensure safe and hospitable environments.

Ethical Leadership

Description:​ ​This Town Hall will cover trends in the education field as a whole and how to respond to those trends. As education changes resources and demographics change. ​How can student governments ensure that as the educational environment changes that the student bodies are getting the best benefits. 

Changing Campus Culture

Description:​ This Town Hall will discuss Campus Culture and how to change it in order to get students more engaged in their universities. Getting more students involved within their campus encourages engagement and allows students to have a more personal stake with what happens on their campus.